I do many different things.

I design brands, products, websites. I do woodworking, photography and ideas. I read, listen and write. I start businesses. I travel. I do yoga, adventure and sports. I want to enjoy the world as much as I want to improve it.



A different kind of design company.

I have a vision for a new kind of luxury design company. A genuine, fully integrated lifestyle brand that can encompass design projects as well as impeccably crafted furniture, lifestyle objects and everyday accessories. Where we can integrate craftsmanship and quality tradition with innovation and new technologies. 


A company that can attract people passionate about products, not promotions; people that can appreciate design and quality.


A company inspired by craftsmanship, not advertising; dedicated to creating not gaining likes and followers.



A company that designs with intent in mind, not sales; obsessed with exploration, not exploitation.


Let’s create together.

I want to make creating simple. Because having an idea and carrying it out, is worthwhile in itself. It's what makes us human: inventing, creating, innovating, bettering our processes, rethinking the way we live and the way we do things. 

And one day, we might just be able to create something that has never been done before —and that is, i believe— the most valuable thing we can do with our lives.